Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Did you miss me?

So it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy. I know...we all say that, and it's usually true. It was a holiday weekend, so town was fairly dead and many friends were gone. Many were not, thankfully! Friday night was spent "partying like rock stars." Okay, so we're aging rockers, but we still had fun. There were martinis and Tuaca. There were boys and girls. There was my friend Joanna, who hasn't been home in almost 3 years. There was Joanna showing the 3 bi girls (kinda like Charlie's Angels, but more rainbowy) many bondage and toy sites on the net. There was T and Joanna swapping war stories from debate. There was T and me avoiding the naked girl pix on the computers, but keeping one eye out for interesting toys and bondage info. *innocent whistling* There was Bryski and I talking to Hope. All in all, it was a faboo night. "And it was good." I was reminded of how important friendship is, and how powerful it can be to simply sit and enjoy each other's company...even if you've just met. Thank you to all who were in attendance. To those who weren't: We'll catch you next time!

Saturday I got up early (for a Saturday) and went to Albertson's to staff a table for the SAFE Project. Getting up early and volunteering time must have done me some good. I went home and began the dreaded task of cleaning out the garage a bit. NerdyGirl came over and started working on the hot tub...cleaning was in order, though thanks to the snow the process is not yet complete. Rev. Furious came over to help, as he is moving into the spare room/office downstairs. His move forced my hand a bit on the garage (oh, shuddup, Rev. It was time to do it and was not an inconvenience!), but that's a good thing. I've been avoiding the garage purge for some time for several reasons. First was laziness. Second was fear of what I'd find! And probably the most motivating deterrent was not wanting to go through Mom's stuff. I was worried about what memories and pain it might bring up. That was foolish of me, I see now. Going through the boxes did bring up memories...but they were all happy. And I could feel Mom there with me, supporting me and smiling with me. Asking me why on earth did I keep THAT? Telling me I had two of something and that I should give one to someone in need (there will soon be a free shopping spree at GayMart).

Now I have a garage. I am very happy about this. VERY happy. And I'm glad my hand was forced, so to speak. A swift kick in the butt from the Universe was all it took, too. ;) So thanks to the Rev! You and the Powers That Be forced me to face a fear and grow/heal. Woohoo! And I can't tell you what a relief it is to walk past a clean garage. I've been opening the door just to look at it every time I go up or downstairs.

Sunday was a quiet day. I baked bread. Okay...I used the breadmachine to make bread, but it's still close enough! I had to wake up in the morning to do it! I went to a Very Ballard Easter with my friends/second family. Then I came home and vegged a bit. Watched some movies, wrestled the laptop unsuccessfully, and played with the pups. The laptop was, in fact, DOA. So I rebuilt it Monday morning when I got to work. No fun, I tell you. Oy what a Monday!

But again I survived it. And I get to go to a spirituality workshop this weekend! I'm excited about the changes in my life. A new prospect for employment. A new roomie. With a bird. A cleanish garage. Despite high stress levels, life is good.

Today's lesson: Hang in there. There is a reason for the shit in your life. If you just keep plodding through, rewards will appear. And usually before you expect them.