Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Brace yourselves for a very gay post

So I've (again) noticed a semi-interesting phenomenon of late. When one has been without physical companionship for certain length of time, the requirements for that which is visually appealing seem to lessen. In laymen's terms, when you haven't gotten any in far too long, a good stiff breeze can turn you on. I think there's even a corollary which states the longer it's been, the lower your standards go.

Now at first this was an amusing thought in my head only, as I found myself saying "Well, I could go there. It's not so bad." Then I was introduced to someone's boyfriend at the grocery store. As Mandy and I walked inside I commented "Ooo...he's CUTE." She stopped short and looked at me, wailing "Noooooo!" and shaking her head for emphasis. Now, I admit that it's possible we having differing tastes in some men, but generally we agree. (Brad Pitt is mine, Man, so back off, bitch!) And that's when I knew it was true:

I'm reaching desperation. You bitches better find me a man and soon. Your Empress has spoken. What are you doing still reading? Get out there and get me a boyfriend! Go! Now! Faster, dammit!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Are we there yet?

I know...you were expecting yet ANOTHER rant about 20/20. Nope. I've done that on the radio, Channel 5, the papers, and Spectrum website. So what's on my mind today, you ask? "Are we fucking there yet?!" The end of the semester, I mean.

I've been busting ass at work for 2 weeks solid, and I'm sick of it. Proposals, budgeting, new policies, new jobs. BLAH! I've been doing several panels and presentations this semester too. I have too many bills this month, and not enough income. Plus, there are holiday presents to make or obtain. So I better be artsy crafty this year, as I can't afford gifts for all. *sigh* I'm just...apathetic about it all, I think.

And I know I'm not alone here. I've talked with several of the visitors to the Rainbow Kingdom who are in the same mood/funk. We just want it done with. School, work...everything. The weather has turned cold suddenly, ending a peaceful feeling and making it difficult for us tree-hugging dirt worshippers to escape into nature without frostbite or hypothermia.

I want the Fall colors back. I want to go for long drives in the country and mountains, taking pictures of Mother Earth's splendor. Instead, I wrap my scarf tightly around my neck and trundle about campus in the gusting and icy wind. So I say again...ARE WE THERE YET? I want a drink of water. She's on my side. She's looking at me. How far?