Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bump, Set, Spike

It has already been a VERY long week for The Grand High Poobah of Gayness, for reasons I'm not yet at liberty to discuss. And so it is with great pleasure I announce that my volleyball league is again starting up for the Spring. Tuesday and Thursday nights I will be doing a poor imitation of Sporty Gay Spice at the Rec Center. Fans and cheerleaders are always welcome, contact me for a definite schedule (which we hope to have tonight). While I mourn the loss of Thursday night TV (though there will no doubt be some weeks where our team doesn't have a Thursday night game), I am very glad for the return to additional activity, and one of the few sports where I have some skill or talent. A happy thing is much needed, too. So if I'm tired or irritable for a bit, please bear with me. While I can't explain now (and appreciate you not asking), please know it's nothing personal.

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