Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They're baaaaack!

Students, that is. In full force. And they bring with them scheduling changes, computer problems, forgotten passwords, WyoWeb trauma, or other stress-inducing drama. Yuck. I was in my office for 11 hours yesterday. 9.5 today. Today I found myself wishing for the Denver job again, so there would be a light at the end tunnel instead of over the big mountain waaaaay over there. But I have found bright spots...usually when someone I adore makes me smile, and I realize I don't have to be separated from them JUST YET. Oh, and there's my new project.

What new project, you ask? I am going to write a book. I had an epiphany. In the shower, while getting ready to go to my birthday party. It shall be fabulous, touching, informative, and provocative. I have already had a generous offer of editing from the Rev. And an echo from Mandyfish. It will be autobiographical. And commentative. Perhaps even bits of verse. So...if you don't want your real name used...speak up! ;)

Oh yeah...and I played with Adobe Illustrator tonight. What do you think of the new blog picture?

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