Thursday, October 12, 2006


My phone rang around 5am. The University President, Phil Dubois, was calling to tell me personally. To tell me what I knew in my heart before the phone even stopped ringing. After 5 days, Matt had passed. I was sitting on the floor, braced against the wall, too groggy with sleep to do much else. I just wept for a moment, though I think it was more because I knew he was no longer suffering. Then I stood up and headed toward the shower, knowing that there would be much to do that day.

Today, 8 years later, I'm heading for the shower in a more metaphoric sense. I'm rededicating myself to making a difference. To changing the world in which I live so that it's a better place. A safer place. A more welcoming place. A world worth Matt's legacy. A world worthy of our children, be they gay or straight. Black or white. Muslim or Jewish. Male or female. Rich or poor. Young or old.

This is MY pledge. Please take a moment today and make your own pledge to make something better.

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