Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things for which I am thankful...

I wanted to do an unconventional list, so some of these might sound odd at first. If you have questions, let me know in my comments. Also, please share some of your own!
  • My friends and family - living and dead, near and far
  • The pain I went through in the closet - it made me who I am today
  • The ongoing pain of Matt's death - it still motivates me to make the world better
  • Seeing my mother die - I was there when she needed me, and I don't fear it as I once did
  • Seeing Scotty near death - it reminded me that time is precious, and family even more so
  • A job I no longer want - it's shown me that passion and profession should always be connected and must sometimes evolve together
  • Various injuries and ailments - they've taught me to slow down and take time for myself
  • Friends who let me down - they taught me to forgive more and judge less
  • Failed relationships - whether mine or someone else's, they've taught me patience and perspective
  • Growing up dirt poor - I learned to make do with less and appreciate what I have
  • The future - it's nothing but possibility

    What will you give thanks for, and what would you not normally be thankful for that you perhaps should?
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