Friday, June 27, 2008


Last weekend was Pride down in Denver. It meant 4 days of relaxing, cocktailing with friends, and steeping myself in pure gayness. 2 days by the pool. 1 day at the Pride Festival, dancing and seeing familiar faces. 3 nights going out on the town. All in all, a very good getaway weekend. It was nice not having to fight my boss for time off too. *evil grin*

  • Seeing Romaine and meeting her partner and baby
  • Getting to do a day of Pride with Mandy and Teel
  • Lounging by the pool with Jerry, Adam, and Squiddy - it'd been too long
  • Going out dancing with Adam and Squiddy
  • As always, spending time with Scotty, Craig, and Kalley
  • Getting drunk with Chad in Civic Center Park - and dancing about to Martha Walsh!
  • Reconnecting with myself and remember why I do what I do
  • Hearing that Denver now hosts the 7th largest Pride celebration in the country

We didn't go crazy like we have in the last two years, and that was just fine by me. Not everyone could be there, and though we missed some folks, we still had a blast. I feel like a person again. I had some down time from work that wasn't connected to a doctor's appointment, meeting, or conference. I got to stare at hoards of hunky men in very little clothing. I got to spend time with really good friends. I got my tan back. What more could a girl ask for?

And Squiddy and I will be heading down again for the 4th of July, as we have tickets to the True Colors Tour at Red Rocks. Look out kids, I'm gonna be at full gay strength again!

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