Monday, July 14, 2008

A month later...

So I've been in the new job for just over a month now. It's taken Tracey (my cohort in office crime) and me this long just to sort through the files, organize the paperwork, and figure out where in the hell everything is supposed to be. And what to do with it. It's been an adventure, but we're getting there.

We're starting to get serious about work on some of our new projects. Diversity training, for starters. And we're working on an announcement of a partnership with 4 of the country's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's). I've been working on compiling information about the over 100 HBCU's for a week, and finished it up last week. I also dug in and figured out another part of the new software program we use to track EEO data. Yeah, I'm feeling like a rock star there.

Soon there will be the start of school...and a few large annual reports to the EEOC. You know, nothing major. Just an analysis of the hiring for the last year, breaking down applicant info by race and sex. By department. And the last round of academic hiring paperwork. Just in time to start sexual harassment training for supervisors. So's gonna be a busy year at work.

But we're having fun doing it. And I'm doing my best to enjoy the summer. Jazz nights at the Cavalryman. Happy hour on Fridays with friends. A BBQ here and a concert there.

A quick list of more Jim's Good Gay News:
  • C(raig) is now officially out of the military. And gay.
  • On Independence Day, we were set free. From Jesse Helms. I don't revel in his death, but I didn't cry either. At all.
  • This week Massachusetts may repeal the 1913 law that prevented non-resident couples from getting married. This would help couples in New York and is another step toward equality.
  • Bishop Gene Robinson is going to crash the Lambeth the most polite and respectful way possible. He's taking a stand for GLBTQ people of faith. And will probably have to wear a bulletproof vest the whole time, like he did for his consecration. How's that for Christian love? But still he loves on...

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