Saturday, October 09, 2004

I'm not in a land-locked state

This means, by Mandy's rule, that I am allowed to freely eat seafood. WOOHOO! It's been SO good to see my friends from around the country. 10 of us went out for dinner tonight, and landed at a place called Victor's Cafe. It was 8pm, and we ate outside on the harbor. IN OCTOBER. It's been wonderful. Calamari. Shrimp pesto. Just under half a bottle of Shiraz. Then on to the James Joyce Irish Pub. 4 Long Islands. Sadly, I'm barely feeling the drinks. Damn you, sea level! Tomorrow we're going to brunch (they actually have that here!) and then do some sight seeing. The conference kicks off tomorrow night with the welcoming reception. Believe it or not, I'm not TRYING to gloat here. Just letting you all know what's going on. :) Now it's time for beddie bye. Getting up at 4:30am sucks, and it's almost 11pm according to my body. That's too long to remain conscious, methinks. I'm going to put on one of my Jamie Anderson CD's and drift off to sleep. I really do miss you all...

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