Friday, December 03, 2004

Are we there yet?

I were expecting yet ANOTHER rant about 20/20. Nope. I've done that on the radio, Channel 5, the papers, and Spectrum website. So what's on my mind today, you ask? "Are we fucking there yet?!" The end of the semester, I mean.

I've been busting ass at work for 2 weeks solid, and I'm sick of it. Proposals, budgeting, new policies, new jobs. BLAH! I've been doing several panels and presentations this semester too. I have too many bills this month, and not enough income. Plus, there are holiday presents to make or obtain. So I better be artsy crafty this year, as I can't afford gifts for all. *sigh* I'm just...apathetic about it all, I think.

And I know I'm not alone here. I've talked with several of the visitors to the Rainbow Kingdom who are in the same mood/funk. We just want it done with. School, work...everything. The weather has turned cold suddenly, ending a peaceful feeling and making it difficult for us tree-hugging dirt worshippers to escape into nature without frostbite or hypothermia.

I want the Fall colors back. I want to go for long drives in the country and mountains, taking pictures of Mother Earth's splendor. Instead, I wrap my scarf tightly around my neck and trundle about campus in the gusting and icy wind. So I say again...ARE WE THERE YET? I want a drink of water. She's on my side. She's looking at me. How far?

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