Monday, February 14, 2005

Post 100! - Black Monday Recap

I normally celebrate Villain-tine's Day, as a protest of happy couples in the face of my singleness. Today I did something different: I delivered for Killian's Florist instead. Since the numbered lists have been in vogue of late on the Blogsphere, I thought I'd join in the merry-making.

10.5 - number of hours I was a gay florist
59 - number of stops I made today
65 - number of orders I delivered
4 - number of runs I made
2 - number of times I got lost and had to call for directions
8 - number of orders I couldn't get delivered, because people weren't home
136 - total number of orders we delivered today
0 - number of minutes I spent depressed because I'm single (too damned busy!)
2 - number of gin and tonics I had while swapping war stories after the chaos ended

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