Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Let's get published, shall we?

I am feeling an overwhelming urge to blog today, though I freely admit I have no clue what to put down in words. AH! Perhaps my good news, though nothing is in concrete yet. I've been asked by a professor in the African American Studies department to write a chapter for his new diversity textbook. It's titled "In Your Face Etiquette 101: How to Avoid Enraging Underrepresented Groups" and is going to be written in a personal, conversational tone. Since I've spoken to his Intro class a few times, he thought of me when it came time to write a Big Gay Chapter. I'm really excited about the opportunity! I'm playing tag with the professor in question, as he's bouncing between Laramie and Arizona while he cares for his mother. As soon as I can touch base with him though, I'm going to sign on!

I also spoke with Romaine recently. Her new book is finished, and will be released in October. She tells me there is a chapter simply titled "Jim." Here's hoping she writes good things about me... ;)

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