Saturday, July 23, 2005

We ALL have pain...

Most of us carry a deep-seated, private pain around inside. There is something that is so close and personal that we dare not share it with others. Occasionally, we meet that rare someone who is so much a part of us, that we can share that deepest pain with them freely. With them, we can rip open our souls and lay them bare before another. This is love in its purest form. It is not always found coupled with romantic love, as the two are somewhat mutually exclusive.

We need not fear this pain, as it is a part of us. Without darkness, we cannot truly appreciate the light. We can learn to drawn hope and strength from the presence of the pain. For we know that there is at least one person out there with whom we can share it... finally be purely ourselves. If we remember that fact, and focus on it when the pain seems too much, we are reminded to continue searching. To find those special few...for there may always be one more. The search is its own reward. It is an adventure. And along the path, we may find something...or someone...priceless along the way.

And so, for the first lesson in a long time, I offer this: Be glad that you have pain. For it causes growth, and strength, and hope. Don't seek out pain, as enough will come to you naturally. It is the way of the Universe. Take your pain and use it to keep searching for a person with whom to release it. Then begin again.

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