Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fun at the eye doctor?!

It really is possible! Who knew!? First of all, my eye doctor has the sophisticated, nerdy hot thing going for him. He's got a great smile and eyes you could get lost in. Appropriate, don't you think? He's also super gay-friendly. We had a lovely conversation today about his friend from St. Louis who owns a gay bar, and how they went down to Charlie's in Denver the last time he was in town.

Now, I didn't really NEED to go to the eye doctor, but I had a substantial amount of flex medical reimbursement money to use this year. Apparently I was too healthy, at least for things other than colds, etc. for which I didn't see a doctor. So I had money to splurge on new glasses. Because my prescription didn't change much (it actually was a bit better than usual today), getting a new pair of glasses for the office seemed silly and wasteful. So I'm getting a new pair of prescription sunglasses. With $300 Oakley frames. I've never owned shades other than the $15 versions available at the local mega-marts. I think they look good on me, and the nice folks there agreed with me.

To boot, Dr. Hunky furrowed his brow a bit during the exam and asked if I had ever considered lasik surgery. I had, but since my prescription was so mild and I am far-sighted, he'd never been too wild about it. However, his top surgeon in Denver is doing a study on...lasik for far-sighted people. Dr. Hunky thinks I'd be a great candidate for the study, and is sending my info south. If selected, I will get FREE lasik! He told me with a slight grin that the "downside" is that follow-up appointments would be in Denver. "You mean I'd have to take time off from work, create a long weekend in Denver, and have a legitimate excuse to head south and go out to REAL clubs?" Gee. Darn. Sign my ass up!!!

In other news, I have released the schedules for my employees...my major stress over break periods and the only serious deadline hanging over my head right now. WOOT!

This rarely seen bright and cheery mood is brought to you by the letter Q (for queer) and the number 9 (for inches).

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