Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm not a 21 year old...

...but I play one on TV. Ok, not on TV. But on New Year's I sure pretended. We partied like rock stars. We danced non-stop on New Year's for HOURS. Some interesting facts and numbers:
  • 5: the number of days in Denver with "the girls"
  • more than I can count: the number of cocktails I/we had
  • 5: the number of different gay bars we hit while down south, some more than once (of course)
  • 2: the number of gay restaurants we went to
  • $10: the amount of money a random woman gave Jerry, Cory, and I each...just because she knew we were gay, and wanted good fag hag and gambling karma
  • 1: number of men who asked for my number randomly after saying "You're hot." This would be the first time that's happened.
  • 1.5: the average number of meals we ate when we were there
  • 1: the number of hot tubs we were in
  • 4: the number of hours of sleep I had in a 36 hour period
  • 5: the number of naked penises I saw
  • 0: the number of times I had sex - hey...statistics can't ALL be good ;)

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