Thursday, July 20, 2006

A smile during a long, difficult week

First, a quick (and for some, cryptic) shout out to my friends. This could have been a VERY bad week for your favorite homo (shouldn't I be EVERYone's favorite 'mo?). It currently looks like we've avoided a royal mess, but I wanted to thank everyone who offered help and support without thinking twice about it. You continually remind me how blessed I am to have you all in my life.

Family Planning is in the midst of a financial crisis, thanks to the drug companies who make birth control buying up the generic brand manufacturers, and jacking up prices by up to 900% on some medications. That's going to be a very-much-so-not-fun crunch, and mean a huge upheaval at the clinic.

The personal relationship (read: boyfriend) situation is not getting much better, though I hope a conversation tonight will provide resolution one way or another.

So I found myself looking for a smile this morning. I've been reading some chatter on lists and such about a new ad campaign, targeted in Colorado Springs. Since "Focus on the Family" (insert rolling of eyes and obligatory groaning here) got all hot and bothered about it, I decided it was time to do some online research and check it out myself. Funded in part by the Gill Foundation, which I adore, features a puppy named Norman, who moos, though he doesn't know why. The commercials are running on TV while posters, banners, and busses are traveling around Colorado to spark interest. So check out the site, as it's VERY well done, and I don't say that lightly when it comes to GLBTQ-related ads. I'm VERY impressed. I recommend watching all the Norman commercials, as well as the "What people think" video. The're all excellent. Enjoy! (More updates on my life soon to come, I promise.)

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