Friday, April 17, 2009

Drama abounds

There's never a shortage of things going on in April:
  • AIDS Walk is still happening tomorrow. It'll just be moved into the Union Ballroom.
  • Bingo is also going to happen. Of course, the odds are not good that Sophie will be able to make it to town. And if the roads don't open today or tomorrow, I'll be doing the show by myself. YIKES!
  • A poopy person wrote a nasty letter to the editor about one of the events this week and said some really nasty things. We, of course, took the high road and wrote a couple of letters in response, turning meanness into learning. Go AIDS Walk Committee!
  • Work is going to be rather overly busy and stressful for a while. Nothing I can talk about, of course, but suffice it to say that people are stupid.

I's a WEAK update, but I wanted to put SOMETHING up.

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