Friday, April 03, 2009

The Walk Approaches

Today is a day of good gay news. Iowa became the 4th state to allow gay marriages after a unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court. That should take effect April 24th. Tonight is the Elton John Concert, which is certain to raise a large chunk of change for one of my favorite organizations: The Matthew Shepard Foundation. The Shepard Symposium on Social Justice is concluding today, and there've been some incredible moments, speakers, ideas, and community development. And today is the day the first ever Wyoming AIDS Walk commercial found a home on YouTube. Check it out, as my friends at 89 Second Productions in New York did an outstanding job on it! Forward the link to your friends, family, and anyone you think might be interested. Encourage them to attend the Walk, drag queen bingo, and/or the week of educational events leading up to it. Help them donate time, energy, or funds wherever they can. It'll do your heart (and our communities) good.

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