Monday, April 11, 2005

Sometimes it's good to go home

I am spending today in the junior high here in town. I'm doing a dramatic interp of Romeo's soliloquy at the grave for 9th graders. My former mentor teacher tracked me down and asked me to come do the presentations, as she remembered my flair for the dramatic. (I know...shocking, isn't it?) I must say, I'm having a blast. I'm also having flashbacks...vocab reviews, grammer pre-tests...I'm remembering not only performing these tasks as a student, but also as a teacher! While some things have changed, some have also stayed the same. The 9th graders seemed somewhat awed that I have memorized "a whole speech" in about a week, and terrified that they must do the same in 2 weeks. Heh. Faculty and staff here at LJHS have recognized me too, and have been excited to see me in the halls again. It's nice to feel welcome...and remembered...and appreciated. :) 8th hour today (wow...did I just say that?) Princess Pink will be sitting in on my presentation, so she can play speech geek and point out all my flubs and foibles. Damn. The 9th graders don't see the little errors in polish and poise, but she will. And when she points them out to me, I shall lay down the proverbial smack upon her ass. And not in that way she likes it. ;)

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