Friday, January 27, 2006


This week has certainly seemed to drag on for me, and I know I'm not alone. I've been tired. Not shocking, since I'm on the go go per usual. The start of a semester is always a bit daunting, don't you think? Starting at the beginning. All over again. 4 months laid out ahead of us. I'm planning trips, a surgery, and work on the house. (Admitted limited, by comparison) Homework and reading assignments. Buying groceries. Activism: crab dinners for Family Planning, AIDS Walk, and SafeZone. And taking more time for fun. Trips to Denver for dancing, conveniently bundled with surgery appointments. Bowling on Fridays. Volleyball will start again in March. Fun is an important thing, especially after a long week. So here are some things to help you have a little fun today.
  • Tired of that famous face? Get your revenge on Britney? Hanson? Miss Cleo? Wanna box with Puff Daddy or bitch slap Keanu? Visit Assassin - the game where you kill celebrities.
  • If you missed the game craze that was sweeping the labs this summer, check out Kitten Cannon. You launch a sweet innocent kitten out of a cannon for distance. Avoid cat-eating plants and metal spikes. Trampolines and explosives give you distance and speed. It's bloody and gory, and a lot of fun. Best with sound!
  • Not so much with the violence, but a child of the 80's? Go visit Growing Up in the 80's. They have a host of classic 80's arcade games. You can also listen to 80's music, find song lyrics, and step into a time warp with TV theme songs. There's even a guessing game for TV themes. I stumbled onto this site YEARS ago, and still find new and fun ways to amuse myself there from time to time.
  • Can't decide what you're looking for? has many options for you. Music, games, humor, quizzes, trivia, sports. Weird stuff, dumb stuff, romance stuff. There's a little something for everyone. Squid...something tells me you should find the virtual bubble wrap. HOURS of entertainment, I tell ya. ;)
  • And being my gay self, I can't help but hit you with a few VERY gay links in a final bullet point. The Gayest Skateboarder Ever. The Gayest Thing You've Ever Seen (their claim, not mine). The Gayest Pope Ever (this one's for you, Tessa). A blog post about "The Gayest Thing You've Ever Done" (seriously, read this one...there are only one or two sex posts. must read this).

So take a moment and find some fun on a've earned it!

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