Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giving thanks

So often we focus on the things that are difficult. The challenges we've faced, the struggles yet to come, and the trouble in between. It's easy to think about loss and pain; they leave a lasting impression on us. They stir up such a wealth of emotion it's hard not to focus on the darker days. On how hard this year has been. How tough the upcoming year will be.

I've been dealing with this a lot lately. It hasn't been the easiest of semesters. Or the easiest of years, for all that matter. "If I can just make it until my trip to Canada..." "Only three days of work before the holiday break..." I find myself saying things like this to myself (and others) all too often.

But this time of year is about being thankful. Thankful for those in our lives, the things we have, and the lessons we've learned. This year has once again taught me to be thankful for every precious day of life we have. For the amazing people in our lives, and the true friends who would give or do anything for us. I am truly blessed by the friends and family in my life. Though I struggle with money, bills, etc. I realize that I own a home, a decent vehicle, and have a college education. There are so many who don't have these basic material goods.

And I am thankful for the reminders, both gentle and forceful, that the universe gives me on a daily basis. The wisdom my friends offer me, even though they don't necessarily realize they're doing it. I'm also thankful for the good days I know are yet to come. The lessons I have yet to learn. The friends I have yet to make.

I wanted to pause for a moment and thank all of you for another amazing year, full of fun and adventure. And to tell you I can't wait for another year to come. Today I received a card from a friend in Chicago, with whom I am starting out on what promises to be an amazing journey. The quote on the front struck me, and so I'll leave you with this thought:

"Tomorrow is a new day,
You shall begin it well..." - Emerson

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