Friday, November 03, 2006

It's not even a real country anyway

Tomorrow morning at 4am I will leave for DIA with 3 friends/coworkers. From there, we will fly to Edmonton, Canada for our annual work conference. It travels around each year, and so far I have been to Denver, Richmond (VA), Portland, Providence, San Antonio, Baltimore, Monterrey, and now to Canada. Going to Canada is on my list of "Things to do before I die," though I had expected a visit to the International Peace Gardens or some other scenic detour. This is one more thing I'll be able to check off my list. Long time blog readers and friends may remember that I've had to expand the list in the past, as I had accomplished several of the things on the list.

I've seen a show ON Broadway (Phantom of the Opera, with my mom and sister), I've travelled somewhere that requires a passport (Holland), swam in the ocean on both coasts, and been to Germany (Kassel, to be precise). Still on my list: a trip to Hawaii, scuba diving, holding my niece, and taking a cruise. Note that several of these can be accomplished in one trip if I play my cards right. ;)

But this trip to Canada has made me realize that I have seen and done so many things in my life. Even with the pain and struggle that sometimes cloud our lives, there is a lot to experience out there. In the long run, I've had a good time of it and can't really complain. But now I have to come up with new things for my list. I'll keep you posted on the updates, but want to know: what's on your list?

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