Monday, May 24, 2004

Go, Go Gadget Grannies!

So I spent my weekend being a slacker. Saturday was "Day o' sloth." I did laundry, but that's about the extent of it. I watched some movies and caught up on my TV shows that were saved on the satellite's PVR (much like a Tivo). And it was happy. I'd not spent time alone like that in a bit, and needed it more than I realized.

Sunday brought a new flavor of adventure and slack, though. While it wasn't really productive, my day was far from lazy. I woke up when dad called - at 7am! Now, as much of an ass as he usually is, he has his moments. He called to tell me that he has a new Ithaca 10 gauge shotgun for me. Sporting a wallop like a Howitzer, it's not good for much other than goose hunting. But it should be pretty and shiny and I will love it and squeeze it and call it George. Or not. ;) I had been planning to call him that morning anyway, so it saved me remembering to do it. I asked if he could, by chance, help cover my car insurance this go around, as they charged me more than I was expecting and made it due sooner. The raise doesn't kick in until July 1 and the impending trip to California had me stressing over the almighty dollar. He's actually going to send a check for a little more than the insurance, so I can pay my bill and buy gas for the first 10 miles of the trip (SO EXPENSIVE RIGHT NOW)! I can breathe AND take a vacation. The chair will now entertain a "woohoo!" Buying my love? Well duh...that's his m.o. Am I so stupid to fall for it, or ethical enough to reject some nice things now and then? No on both counts. I'm capable of being shallow too, y'all. ;)

After 45 minutes on the phone with Dad, a new record (since I was also talking and not just listening to him droll on about livestock) and minor miracle, I went back to sleep for an hour or so. Woohoo again! The morning though process is not exactly ornate: dogs outside, make teeth clean, shower make me clean, make hair pretty, must wear clothes...there...I'm fabulous again. (Shut up, Travis - and get a damned blog! ---OOO. You did while I was writing this post. Check it out, y'all ) Ready to face the world by 10am on a Sunday is a decent accomplishment, I think. And I was right on schedule. I had to call the Rainbow Riders, a pair of lesbian grannies who are biking across the country to raise awareness about and support for marriage equality. Carrie and Elisia are FABulous! We picked up some coffee before the gay tour of Laramie, which doesn't take long, as you might imagine. We drove past the Fireside and campus. I pointed out the Courthouse and headed for Albertson's for picnic supplies. We grabbed some grub and headed for the park, where we met some of the (un)usual suspects in the park for a potluck picnic with the grannies, and had a blast!

After we left the park (3-4 hours later) I took them out to see the fence. It had been about a year and a half since I'd been out there, and things have changed a bit. The fence had been moved some time ago, but now it has been expanded. A LOT. It now stretched to the top of the ridge on the north. Originally, it was about 3-4 sections of buck fence, and that's it. It's now MUCH longer. While there, Elisia turned over a rock randomly, and written on the bottom was the word "Forgive." Coinkydink (that's the REAL way to spell it, Travis)? I think not.

So today's great lessons? Meeting the bitchin' babes on bikes was a wonderful experience, and a great way to accomplish nothing while doing great things. They reminded me that I'm/we're not the only one(s) fighting the good fight. And that there are many ways to do it. No matter what the issue is, if you're passionate about something, create change! Find a way to make to a difference, to make your voice heard, and make others think in new ways. While biking across the country is a monumental task, it's something pretty much everyone can do (it would just take some of us longer). Again I'm reminded that simple thing can make a huge difference, and can take on a life of their own when fueled by passion, COMpassion, and pure hearts. So go out and make a difference today!

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