Monday, June 28, 2004

Sol, Sol, Rah rah rah!

So I figure if I'm going to regale you all in the pleasures of California, I better get cracking! So, without further ado...

Sun appreciation! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the beach. I'd played on Florida beaches in the past, but I was much younger and didn't appreciate it as I should, I think. This time, I did. The sun was brilliant and warm, slowly baking my skin to golden color (after a day of pink face and red nose, admittedly). The wind brought in the scent of salt, musky and oddly fresh. The sand wriggled between my toes and over my feet, wrapping me in warmth. And the ocean...gently caressing one moment, forceful and rugged the next.

Mandy and I frolicked in the ocean, collected shells, did our best to stand firm against the waves. And of course the first day we hadn't planned to be in the ocean, so we had no change of clothes and had to air dry before getting back into the car.

The Rev. also introduced me to kite flying. Oh, I'd flown kites before; my mom used to make the occasional kite out of wrapping paper on the ranch. It was fun enough, but a single line kite pieced together from household scraps is somewhat....lacking. The Rev. has dual line kites, however. Made from real materials! And I was hooked. I could make shapes in the air, control the kite, and ride the wind from terra firma. Naturally by the time I left California, I bought one of my own, though the wind in Laramie isn't as helpful as that in Cali.

So today's lesson: Go and have your own sun appreciation. Feel the wind on your face. Play in a natural water source. Take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath your feet. Go for a walk in the rain! But go outside and revel in the majesty of nature. Go. NOW!

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