Saturday, June 26, 2004

Sun, kites, boys, and THE OCEAN

Wow. To describe the trip as great would be an understatement. It was exactly what I needed, even though we planned very little in advance. We played in the ocean. (Wet. Salty.) We basked on the sand. (Bright. Warm.) We watched LOTS of nearly naked boys frolic on the beach. (Hot. Yum.) The Rev addicted me to kites, talking me into buying one...without much effort, admittedly. (Colorful. Fly-y.) We watched "Dodgeball." (Funny. Wrong.)

Lest you think it was all wholesome fun in the sun, there were drag kings, margaritas as big as my head, and oh yeah...a wet underwear contest. With a Falcon porn star. So you know...the usual. ;)

There was chaos too. But we ignored it. Heh. There was also the pit of despair, or Salt Lake City as others know it. Here's their secret: We decided that the Mormon church created elaborate traffic jams to keep people in SLC until they convert. Then they show you the secret tunnels out of the city. We didn't make it to Temple Square (despite a wrong turn due to poor signage on the SLC Interstate System), so we spent 2 hrs in traffic trying to head south. *sigh*

Oh...and there was a LOT of time in the car. But it was all worth it. But I think now I shall go to bed...hoping to make up for too many hours of sleep deprivation behind the wheel. More on the trip later.

Oh...GO SEE "FAHRENHEIT 9/11." It will spank your brain, but in a good way.

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