Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Personal Responsibility

I know I will be showing my age with this post, but I'm pissed and am willing to be old for the sake of venting. My mother taught me about owning up to my mistakes, and taking the blame when I fuck up. Apparently, this is a concept that is lost on today's society.

You see, someone hit my car today. Yes, my beautiful Georgina has been injured! Hit and run is the technical term. They took out the driver's side mirror. At high speed, as evidenced by the 40 or 50 foot stream of mirror guts left on the side of Grand Ave. She was parked as close to the curb as possible, since I actually drove up on the curb at one point when parking.

No note, no phone call, no clue who did it. The replacement part (mandated by state law - you MUST have a mirror) is over $400 by itself...before labor fees. Just what I need now.

On the up side, I got random flowers from a friend today. No reason, no purpose...just something to make me smile. Couldn't have come at a better time. And so I show my age when I say "I remember the good ol' days, when people fessed up to their mistakes, and were honest when they hit someone's car." Time for cocktails, I think.

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