Wednesday, January 05, 2005

You know you missed me

So as promised, I'm eeking out a few minutes to post today, though it has been a shamefully long time since I have done so. Hey...I've been busy. Which brings us to today's topic: where in the fuck was the vacation that's supposed to come with a break? Between weddings, candle parties, New Year's parties, moving pottery shops, and hosting the international fam-damn-ily, I'm not sure which end is up anymore. I cleaned. I decorated. I took pictures. I ran errands. I DJ'd. I un-decorated, though just a bit compared to others. I bought garters, for fuck's sake! ME! Captain "I like penises and girls have cooties" bought garters. For a girl! Well, a bride, so that makes it all better.

The leftovers are FINALLY starting to dwindle. I'm sick of cheese cubes and tortilla soup. Tonight I'm cooking steak and curling up with the season premiere of Alias. Oh...and cheese cubes. And tortilla soup. Kill me now! I'm quite certain that I was supposed to have some down time over break, but that didn't seem to happen. If I wasn't so damned busy at work right now, I would consider taking some vacation time to recover from the holidays. The good news: 1) The wedding and reception were amazing, and I don't regret the effort, time, or labor that went into them. Mark and Tessa are worth it. (It also helps that they knew how much was done, and were honestly appreciative.) 2) The pictures should be ready today or tomorrow. 3) I didn't actually have to kill the kids, no matter how much I wanted to at times. 4) The house has almost recovered from 2 weeks of prep work, parties, and people plopped on pillows in the living room. 5) It's over. 6) I can sleep when I'm dead?

I love you all, and wish you the best in the new year. Here we go, kiddies!

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