Sunday, January 16, 2005

We still have a dream

First, props to Mandy, as her birthday is tomorrow too. However, tomorrow we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Synonymous with the civil rights movement, he stood for equality for all, including yours truly. In fact, one of his right hand men was queer. Read up on Bayard Rustin if you didn't know that. His widow has repeatedly spoken out about the need for GLBT equality too. Make no mistake about it, Coretta Scott King is still fighting hard to ensure everyone is treated as a whole person.

Today there are many of us who continue the fight for equality. There are many of us who recognize that all struggles for equality are connected, and that even though I appear to be white, or male, or non-Christian, I am still affected by racism, sexism, or religious discrimination.

Dr. King, your dream is still alive. Thank you for the courage it took to envision it. To articulate it. And to peacfully start enacting it. May we all continue where you and countless others have left off, all too soon.

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