Friday, January 28, 2005

The Wyoming Legislature at Work

Fun or otherwise interesting bills that have been proposed already in the Wyoming legislature:

SF 0016 - Would provide $9.5M for a multi-level parking garage at UW
SF 0126 - Would limit semi's to 65 on interstates

HB 0004 - Would make the Jackalope Wyoming's official mythical creature
HB 0008 - Would significantly increase (almost double across the board) the minimum auto insurance amounts in Wyoming
HB 0082 - Would allow for electronic sales of hunting and fishing licenses, stamps, etc.
HB 0163 - Would establish a state lottery
HB 0170 - Would prevent lawsuits against folks like McDonald's if you gain weight and/or die
HB 0184 - Defense of Marriage act. (GRRR!)
HB 0192 - Would prohibit harassment, intimidation, or bullying in Wyoming schools (Woohoo!)
HB 0261 - Would establish common law, but only for one man and one woman
HB 0276 - Would severely limit abortion services in Wyoming
HB 0298 - Would permit most Wyoming citizens to wear a concealed weapon without a permit

What others are you interested in?

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