Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another gay post

Who knew?! I'm going to have consecutive gay posts. I just wanted to let everyone know that hope for a kinder, gentler (read more gay friendly) future is not lost. I just returned from Powell, Wyoming. A largely agricultural community in a deeply religious (predominantly LDS) area, Powell has a population of about 5500. Northwest College asked me to come up and help them establish a SafeZone program by conducting a "Train the Trainers" workshop. Though it meant a 7 hour trip one way (and resulted in my first ever speeding ticket on the way up), it was worth the trip. If a rural and conservative community like Powell can have a program that reaches out to GLBT folks, anyone can.

As devoted readers and friends may recall, I made a similar trip in Feb. 2004 to Pocatello, ID to set up a SZ program at Idaho State University. Coming in December: a trip to Scottsbluff, NB so THEY can have a SZ program too. We're also talking to Chadron, NB as they have expressed interest too. So see...there is some good gay news out there in the world. Jus thought I'd share.

PS...the Drag Show is this Saturday at 9pm at the Cowboy Bar. Get your bitch asses there! $5 each or $8 per couple...we don't care who your couple is. Me in 6 inch heels. Need I say more?

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