Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ink vs. Art

I already had 2 tattoos. I had ink. Yesterday I got a 3rd. I went to high school with a guy who now has a nice tattoo and piercing place in Denver. He does the piercing and his partner does the ink. He's won several awards at national and international tattoo art shows/conventions. I told him basically what I wanted: "angel wings with a rainbow fill that start on my foot and wrap up and around my ankle. Add a halo to the front on my shin." From that description he grabbed a new sharpie and did a freehand mock up on my leg. 2 hours, a fair amount of pain (there's little between the bones of the ankle and the needle), and a little bit of blood later, I have this:

I am in LOVE. The only thing I could think was: the others are nothing compared to this. Such detail and artistry. I didn't just get ink; I got art.

NOTE: I know in the pictures it seems to be red and irritated. It's actually not; he used a pink Sharpie to draw on the design. This is just leftover ink, as I cannot scrub it free just yet. IT HURTS. And I'm so happy!

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