Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fuck my feet hurt

Well, I'd say the show was a success. We raised $1300 for the RRC, had a standing-room-only audience, and had a shitload of fun too. What more could you hope to do with a Saturday night in Laramie? Well, make people think, that's what.

Last night Kristen, our beloved cocktail fairy, had several run ins with "regulars" who kept asking "Why are there gay men on the stage at the Cowboy." She finally had enough and began responding with rather pointed terms and tones. "Look...they've brought in a crowd twice what we'd have at this time on a Saturday night. They're buying 4 times as many drinks, and they're buying cocktails...not beer...which cost twice as much. They're having fun and raising money for a good cause. If you don't like it, JJ's bar is down the street. Oh...and this is going to become an annual fucking event!" I love the way she made an executive decision...and came to happily report it all to us backstage.

As happy as I was about her response to narrow-mindedness, a later story made me tear up...thank goodness for waterproof mascara. Apparently, one such regular stayed for a while, decided "it wasn't his thing" to hang out with gay people, so he took her advice. A while later that night, he came back. When she asked him about why, he said that he had been to 2 other bars while he was gone. And had not had any fun. So he came back to a place where people WERE having fun. "So's not so bad, is it?" she asked him. "No. No it's not. Can I get a beer" was his simple response.

All in all, a successful night, don't you think? The nails are off, the makeup removed, and the feet propped up. Now all I have to do is start looking for more numbers...apparently our adoring fans will not hear of the possibility it was a one-time deal.

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