Sunday, February 05, 2006

A dose of my own medicine

Many of my friends have come to me over the years with problems, asking for guidance or advice. Time and time again I have told others "you need do what's best for YOU, not someone else." Friday night a dear and brave friend gave my advice back to me. I think most of you will not be surprised when I tell you that I have been doing some thinking over the last few months. Certain situations at work are far from ideal. And I've known for some time that a change has been coming. This post is my way of coming out and telling you all about my thoughts and plans: the time is coming for me to leave Laramie for Denver. It's not happening tomorrow. There isn't even a timeline as of yet. My friend told me I wasn't doing what was best for me, and that I had to let go. That I'm not responsible for keeping "gay" alive in Laramie. And that I didn't owe Matt my life and my happiness. That he would want me to be happy too, to find more. And he was right. I am ready for the next part of my life to begin. That part will be in Denver, of this I am certain. Please know that the only thing that gives me pause is the thought of being further from the family the universe has created for me here in Laramie. Notice I don't say taking me away from, as Denver is NOT far away, and I trust in our ability to be together. So I will be working on getting the house fixed and tidied. I will be putting more time and energy into launching my career as a professional activist and speaker. There's still plenty of time, folks. It will be several months before I could feasibly sell the house. And I'm not planning to rush this, either. But you are a part of my life, and you deserve to know.

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