Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Greetings from Berea, OH

Hello faithful readers! I am happily holed up in Berea, OH at Baldwin-Wallace College. Dave and I arrived safely, though our luggage did not. We had the wrong flight time for our departure from Laramie; they let us on the plane, but not our baggage. It took 24 hours for it to get to us. This meant wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row. It also meant I didn't my breathing we got about 2 hours of sleep. A 16 year old kid got sick on our flight...on the 2 businessmen in front of him. Dave and I were glad we were several rows behind him and on the other side of the aisle. But it's been a very good trip, because:
  • This is the first time I've seen a stage production of the play since the original Tectonic group performed it. I was nervous about how it would look if people didn't have the opportunity to meet the people they were portraying. The kids here have done an AWESOME job.
  • Everyone here has been incredibly gracious and appreciative that we're here.
  • Dave and I are giving each other endless grief and shit...and loving it.
  • Following the post-play talk-back session on our first night here, a student came up to me. She said "I'm a very conservative student, and I walked in here tonight knowing how I felt about homosexuality. I'm only here because my teacher said we had to come to one show for points. But even after just this short time, after listening to the play and you two talk...I feel a lot differently now. I've mind has changed. Thank you for being here."
  • After our large lecture (the best attended and received lecture in their "Marting Lecture Series" in a LONG time, they tell us), a 50ish man came up before the play began. "I teach at a high school, so I'm not really in a position where I've been able to be out. But I've been able to help some students who've come out to me...and we've been lucky enough that none of them have killed themselves."
  • We have seen the show 4 times here now. Dave and I have become VERY close with the cast. They are an amazing group of students, and have huge hearts. They are sassy, funny, fierce, and tender. We've invited any and all of them to visit us...any time.
  • At the end of the last show, they pulled us up out of our seats onto the stage with them while they sang the final song (For those who know the play, the songs were added here and were written by a friend of the director. They are AMAZING and really added to the show. I have them on CD and will share them with anyone who wants to hear them.)
  • We don't want to leave them...but will also be glad to return home and let our hearts settle a bit. And return to you all. I miss you and can't wait until I can hug you all again.

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