Monday, February 20, 2006

Post #169 - Good friends, good times

Saturday night was our second drag show here in Laramie. It wasn't a full-on show, but we instead provided entertainment for Lovers and Gamblers, an event hosted by Wyoming Equality. The night was a lot of fun (and involved a lot of painful feet), but I noticed something very important (once again): I have some amazing friends and family in my life. Without Nairobi (Jess) and Wyoming (Margaret) Dudd, we wouldn't be able to get in and out of a damn thing. "Hand me..." "Tie this..." "Where's my..." "Could you go get..." We are demanding bitches once the make up starts going on! The ladies take this all in stride...and then buy us flowers! Thanks for being the perfect backstage crew, and oh so much more.

Several friends came to see us at the show. Having friendly faces in the crowd means more than you know, and it makes us keep going with something that takes a lot of patience and energy...and hard fucking work too! Rehearsals, choreography sessions, memorizing songs in the car/shower/anywhere we can play a CD or MP3 Player. Pressing, dressing, and stressing! Thanks for being a fan base.

And tomorrow I leave for 4 days on a trip to Ohio with Dave O'Malley. 3 days of speaking to classes, play casts, audiences, and lecture halls. Dave and I are sure to have fun, and come back with a host of stories. It turns out that Judy (Shepard) is speaking in Cleveland one of the days we're in Berea (a suburb of Cleveland) so we're trying to work out some way to get together for cocktails after our respective lectures. Cross your fingers!

And then I'm back in Laramie for a few days before I leave for Denver for lasik...where even more friends will be driving me to/from surgery, caring for my blind ass for a while, and putting me up in style.

Who could ask for better friends than I have? NOBODY.

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