Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Blog-Birthday!

March 11th marked the 2 year anniversary of my blog. Though it has changed format, colors, and design a few times, it's always been pure ME! Hope you're all enjoying the ride, and that you're all doing so for years to come! In honor of the birth of my blog, we today begin an examination of the many different flavors of gay. Please note that nobody fits into only one box, regardless of sexual orientation, race, etc. These are simply meant as a semi-tongue-in-cheek, witty, and thought-provoking look at "types" of gay people. Maybe if it goes over well, we'll move on to some of the straight folks too!

On a recent trip to Denver I encountered two gay men and a lesbian who made me (and two of my friends) very uncomfortable. We were all sitting in Cheeseman Park enjoying a picnic lunch and the sun. The trio of venom, as I have come to think of them, began to cut down anyone and everyone who walked or drove near us. Now, I'm not above commenting on the occasional fashion felony or horrendo hairdo. But this went on for about 45 minutes, non-stop. And it was every single person who went past. It left us wondering what they said about us when we weren't around.

These are what I refer to as "snooty gays." They have decided they are much better than everyone else, and have no problem expressing that, though not always to someone's face. They often turn on their own and begin shredding other queers. "He forgot all-important purge part of the process." "Girl can't dance at can she be gay?" They focus on dishing and trashing, and are not the nicest people to be around...unless you're part of their "in" crowd. Think high school cliques...with cocktails. They can be found only in the trendiest of places, will only wear all the right labels, and have very little time for anyone with whom they are not already friends. It's best to be gay, but only a certain KIND of gay. Ugh!

We have all engaged in humor at someone else's expense. Most of us tease each other, though there are boundaries we don't cross. And we don't do it ALL the time. It seems to me that it takes a lot of energy to look down your nose at other people so completely. And just imagine what it must do to your karma!

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