Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My heart runneth over

So it wasn't ALL about the boy, though that's a MAJOR reason to smile. Other reasons:
  • I got to see old friends, including Judy.
  • I got to sit at a table with some amazing (and fun) people...and made new friends.
  • I got to watch people meet Brittany, and be as amazed by her as we are.
  • I got to watch Brittany's eyes bug out as she took it all in...and began to realize that people are amazed by her.
  • I may have a line on an agent...an old friend of mine who used to work for GLAAD.
  • I learned that the Foundation is VERY close to having a speaker's bureau up and running...and will be talking to them more about it VERY soon.
  • I got to give my card to several influential people, and may have made some invaluable contacts.
  • I may have convinced several people from Denver to come up for AIDS Walk.
  • I didn't get to say "hi" to Freddy as planned...but Nuclia Waste was on the job, and his hate didn't go unchallenged.
  • I watched the Foundation raise $109,000...and that's before the door proceeds and online auction.
  • I got to hear Judith Light and Robert Disiderio speak...and cried at the power and conviction of their words.
  • I got to spend some time with Craig...talking very frankly and honestly.
  • I may have secured a serious chunk of money for the RRC, courtesy of the MSF...and the money from Elton John's concert.
  • I got to meet Logan (Matt's brother) finally.
  • I was reminded of why our work is so important, and that there are a lot of amazing people doing it every day.
  • I met a boy...and it looks like it's going somewhere.

I'm already looking into what it takes to be a table captain for next year's dinner. I already have 4 people who said they'd come with me. Start saving your pennies, kiddies. Tickets were $150 this year...and it's worth every penny. You'll want to be sitting at the cool kids table...MINE!

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