Monday, March 06, 2006

A funny thing happened in my office this morning...

I came into work at the usual time. I went through the motions of a morning at work. I turned on the lights, sat down at my desk, put on my name badge, turned on the computer screens, etc. Then, out of habit, I reached for my glasses and put them on. WHOA! Wait a second...everything is REALLY blurry. Oh! Right! That's because my reading vision no longer requires glasses! Woohoo lasik surgery!

All is well in eyeball-land. Well, it's on track. See, with far-sighted people they intentionally over-correct the problem, as the vision will slide back a bit. So for now, distance vision is blurry! I know...from one problem to another! But this is normal, and is expected. I'm within legal limits to drive, so I can get around (though night driving I'm still seeing a lot of halo). Over the course of the next couple weeks my distance vision should return to normal. I'm noticing the differences on a daily basis already! Today is better than yesterday, which was better than the day before. It's amazing the difference a day makes. ;)

In other schedule continues to fill up! I'm working on final details for the speaking engagement in Washington DC at a high school...April 5th it is! I just have to book flights and it's a done deal. :) I'm heading to Casper on the 18th of March for their production of "The Laramie Project." It's not a paid deal, and I don't even think they're wanting me to speak before or after the show. They just want me there as a VIP. Free tickets, dinner before the show, and maybe even a free hotel room! It could be worse, ya know. ;) And the 25th I should be down in Denver for The Matthew Shepard Foundation's "Bear to Make a Difference" dinner. Celebrities make and decorate teddy bears. They auction them off. They also auction off other prizes too. Formal event, $150 per plate (my ticket is comp'd), entertainment by Alec Mapa. Who knows what kind of connections I'll be able to make for jobs, etc.

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