Friday, February 08, 2008

It's official...

...I think I might live. The new super-antibiotic seems to be kicking in nicely. I figured it would, since it involves taking one pill a day for only 7 days. Beefy, no? The steroid is also doing its job, as I'm not nearly as vertigo-y as I was. Sorry Uncle Freddy, this here homo isn't hell-bound just yet. ;) In other news...
  • I have a hawt date tonight with the Squid. Dinner and a movie, since theater tickets didn't pan out.
  • Tomorrow we're celebrating Maggie's birthday. There are rumors of sushi. I think by then all my taste buds and olfactory receptors will be functioning, and it will be a happy celebration of her aging and my recovery. She reportedly reads my blog, but is a dirty lurker. So I'm calling her out publicly. Heh.
  • I filed my taxes today, and 5 hours later got an email that Uncle Sam accepted my The refund should allow me to pay off the last of the medical bills...and hopefully fix the hot tub!
  • The Matthew Shepard Foundation's annual "Bear to Make A Difference" Dinner is coming up at the end of March. I've volunteered as a table captain again this year (as has Cory!), and my table is filling up nicely. Squidly and the O'Malleys will be with me, as will Jerry! Scotty and Craig are rumored to be interested in coming again this year too, so it should be quite the table of hooligans. If you're interested in coming, let me know. Tickets are $175, though $150 of that is tax deductible. :)
  • I've burned through too much sick leave in the last month to be able to deliver flowers on Villain-tine's Day this year. This saddens me greatly, but I'm gonna help out down at the shop after hours whenever I can. I still want to be able to claim being a gay florist one day out of the year!

That's about it for the Rainbow Kingdom update. Join us again soon for my next FAB-ulous rant or rave. Or both. ;)

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