Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things I've learned while being sick

It is true, the Squid is a carrier of plague. I don't hold it against her, though. ;) Here are some things I've learned while I was sick:
  • There are 6 episodes of Murder She Wrote on each weekday. I can watch 5 of them.
  • Cough syrup with codeine is a happy thing.
  • It doesn't take long before you've consumed enough orange juice that you don't ever want to drink it again. I reached that point after 1 gallon. I am almost done with gallon #4.
  • I am not a fan of the blanket NyQuil throws over my brain. I am a fan of the sleep I can get thanks to the Big Q.
  • My muscles ACHE from all the coughing.
  • I miss being able taste things.
  • It doesn't take long before you're tired of sitting upright so that you can breathe. Sleeping in this position is equally tiresome.

I am, however, getting better and expect to be at work tomorrow. And I still love the Squid. :) Thanks to all who have sent good wishes, delivered dinner (heart you Jess, get better soon!), or otherwise made me smile since contracting the plague. It means a lot!

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