Sunday, July 04, 2004

In memory

So yesterday was a lazy day at home. I Love the 70's Marathon on VH1, don'cha know. ;)

I spent today in the park playing carnival barker at the SAFE Project dunk tank. We did well today, despite being rained out 2 hours early. I had 'em packed in and lined up, if I do say so. And kudos and great big thanks to Miss Mandy for taking the first frigid shift of the day!

So I echo the thoughts of NerdyGirl and Reverend Furious about today's holiday. But today means something different to me these days. 2 years ago today, my mother died of breast cancer. When initially diagnosed, she was given 6 months to live - on the very outside. She lived for another 2.5 years...enough time to see my sister married and me buy a house. It was a good life, and she was happy.

Now this is not a pity party. I'm actually doing VERY well today. But for me, the 4th is now a time to remember. Remember those who are no longer with us. Remember those we don't always value enough. And to remember those who have given their lives obtaining and defending our country's freedom.

May nobody else die needlessly.

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