Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Summer's gone?!

It's true. For me at least. This week has apparently marked the beginning of something we at work call "Dante's Descent." We also affectionately refer to it as "Hell Week." This is the 2 month period where we're too busy to blink or breathe. Notice how our Hell Week lasts for 2 months? Special fun, I tell ya.

I noticed last week that things were picking up, but was hoping to have another week of relatively low stress. Alas, it is not to be so. This means I will be unable to do a lot of things...like eating or sleeping or hanging out. I'll be working on schedules for my employees. For those who have never witnessed this process, you're in for a ride. Last year an employee put a sign on my door that read "Scheduling ogre at work. Disturb at your own peril." Lunch hours will be a fond remembrance and will be mentioned only with a wistful sigh. Fun trips and events get shifted to the back burner. And it should be even more magical this year with a moldy downstairs. Woohoo!

All this is really not a complaint, though. It's just a fair warning. I'll be harder to reach, more tired, and likely more irratable. I do sincerely apologize in advance! And for the times I will no doubt have to call and say "I'm stuck at work and can't let the pups out....help..." Thanks and I'm sorry! I'm starting to focus once again on my Fall work conference, which is always a ragingly good time. "If I can just make it to Baltimore, I'll survive." Goals. Baby steps. Ladies and gentlemen....please hold onto the bar and keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

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