Monday, July 19, 2004


Apparently, my core readers (how come I don't get random visitors like the rest of you?) don't like the new template. *sigh* I shall keep my eye open for better designs.

In other news, the laptop died Friday night, so no access from home for a bit. *sniff* It's down the hall at PC Maintenance; they're checking it for hardware problems, as it was just rebuilt very recently. So we'll see what happens. One way or another I'll have to rebuild the stupid thing, and that's a pain in my ass. (And not in a good way...sorry...hadn't scarred y'all in far too long.)

I watched a movie yesterday called "Bang, Bang, You're Dead." It is freaking amazing! It deals with bullying, violence, and guns in our schools. It's got a decent cast and makes you think...and cry. It's on the PVR at home (for a bit) if you wanna watch it, faithful(ish) readers. It's running on Showtime this month. You must watch it. No choice. Speaking of the PVR, I had to purge many shows this weekend, as I was almost out of space. Brini is still intact, but most everything else went away, as some of it had been on the PVR for a month. Deal. ;)

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