Thursday, July 15, 2004

Monsoon season

See, I stayed home from work today. As I was trying to go to sleep last night, the growing list of chores and projects seemed overwhelming. After a slightly fitful sleep, I woke and said "It's time." I called into work and went to back to bed, as I knew I would need sufficient rest and energy for the day's activities. I was up and at 'em by 10am. We now join our regularly scheduled thought process to detail the day. It's a dull day, but thought you might like to know what it's like inside my brain at times.

Start the laundry, toss in the bedding that needs to be washed. Breakfast for the pups, check the email, empty the dishwasher. Change back to the regular blade on the mower instead of the power rake attachment. Done. Good. See, I can be handy and mechanical. Shit...the phone's ringing...must mow. YES, she called back! Drive to the Newman Center and trade vehicles with Rae. Must hurry...rain's coming, and I HAVE to mow TODAY. Jackass...don't cut me off like that, this isn't my truck! Drive home. Throw the carpet and ruined desk in the truck. Drive to the dump. Don't get in a wreck, not my car. Yessir, pit #2 it is. Wow. This is almost full. I remember just a few years ago it was a huge pit. Now it's a bulging mound. Empty the truck. Phew...whatever the bulldozer just uncovered STINKS. Drive to Rae's and change vehicles again. Go to bank. Deposit insurance check so I can actually pay for all these repairs. Must hurry...rain is coming. Go to hardware store for RoundUp and weedpuller...flower beds are getting out of control. Drive home fast. Fucking bagger is not cooperating. Must mow the jungle or predators will move in and eat the pups, striking from behind the lush cover when they least expect it., it's been almost a month since I did this, huh? Bad homeowner! Sheesh it's hot. Must empty bag every 2 laps...too much grass and it's holding a lot of moisture. Rain is coming...hurry, hurry, hurry! Empty the bag for the 6th time. So hot. Must mow the front now. C'mon, just 10 more minutes, weather. That's all I need. Empty bag. Shit, that's a drop I felt...3 passes left. DONE! Empty bag, tie up trash and put in front so I don't forget it in the morning. Put away mower...and here's the rain. Wow...a lot of rain. hail! Hail damage is bad, and one insurance claim at a time is more than enough! Damn it's hot. Must cool down for a sec...I could blog! What's left for the day: wash the pups, cuz they need a bath. Put the laundry in the dryer. Do I have enough dirty clothes to do a second load? Must mop the disaster area with bleach. I'll have to go shopping today too. Shit...there's a SAFE Board meeting tonight, so no Thursday night TV. Hey...this is my last board meeting, huh? Three years. Wow. Must blog now. And send a text message to everyone about no TV. Fun...the streets are flooding. They look like rivers. Very muddy rivers, but rivers nonetheless. Change the laundry. Wash the much to do.

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