Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Gray skies are gonna clear up...

So...the weekend was good. We went to Denver for the conference. Happy hours are a wonderful thing. We had shrimp. A LOT of shrimp. I had white sangria. 3 of them even. Did I mention I got a look from a cute guy on the street? Then we went to the hotel. There was reservation drama, but it could have been much worse. We got into rooms with the appropriate number of beds, and life was happy. After regrouping (and digesting shrimp...a LOT of shrimp) we went out for dinner. Mexican food, which required margaritas. Flavored ones, even. Yum! Sleep...but not until we painted Jake's toes rainbow colors. Heh.

Breakfast, and then on to the conference. I was greeted by my friend Judy from Penn State. Who knew!? It was a wonderful surpise, and I enjoyed the conference a great deal. Networking and gaining info. Strategies from people who've been there. And people reminding me that the "volunteer" work I do, when combined, is considered a full-time job in many places. Yup. I could get paid for this shit! So yeah...it rocked my world. And then we had Indian food!

Now, that was good. But without giving you too much detail, when I woke up Sunday morning, even though it was cloudy, windy, and snowy, the sun seemed to be shining brightly. And I could tell, by using my x-ray vision to look through the clouds, that the sky was just a little bit bluer. And I broke out in song. AND IT WAS GOOOOOOOOD.

Now I'm developing a cold. I know where it came from, and yeah...instant karma's gonna get ya. Guess what? I DON'T CARE. *big, teethy grin* Work on Monday was long. Very long. I spent all afternoon getting ready for the big scheduling push. Then there was a birthday dinner for the-bitch-who-claims-to-be-T-bone-but-it-really-chopped-liver. Yes, you! I know you'll read this eventually, so I'll say it again. START A BLOG! And send us all the address. I don't want to be the newest initiate in the blog cult, so pony up, ya punk! *ahem* We now return you to your regularly scheduled philosophizing*

It's now Tuesday, and I've been uber-productive again. I'm kicking work's ass, and punting around AIDS Walk, travel reimbursements, and impending travel plans for the weekend - just for sport. I'm feeling great, despite a sore throat and soon-to-be-stuffy head.

So the part you've all been waiting for patiently (or not so patiently - I can see you squirming, Fish. Hmm...maybe it's just that pesky rash. Nevermind): What have I learned since my last post?

Well, it's more simple than you might think: Let it go. That's it. Rather than stressing over something coming to you, or what you're missing, trust in the universe and let it come to you. Believe it or not, it will happen. And when you least expect it. Just like all the cliche advice, fortune cookies, and bolstering from friends says. (This is the part which is annoying - I was supposed to be right, not you all!) I've been feeling the need for changes and growth, moving in the direction of more activism. And perhaps in a more professional vein. So a request to sit on a board shows up. And a request for an activist's resume - which I had to write. And a conference full of people telling me to get a job in Student Affairs and to make my passion my career. Subtle as a chainsaw, no? And romance...how long have I been bitching? 'Nuff said.

So that's it. When we relax and focus our energies on taking care of true necessities, the perks in life will naturally come our way. I'll leave you with one thought: IT WAS GOOD! (Scarred yet?)