Wednesday, March 31, 2004


So today we are posting from a remote and exotic spot: The Grounds. I've not been here in quite some time, and tried calling most of my faithful (faithless? hapless? hopeless?) readers to join me for a cuppa. I stayed home from work today, firmly ensconced in the throes of a cold. YUCK! I woke up around 3am with little ability to breathe. A little medication fixed that. The fever of 101 wasn't as easily subverted, but I managed to crash out for a bit longer. At about 5am, I crawled upstairs and sent in the required note to work, telling them to piss off. Or that I wouldn't be's a little hazy. And throat is SORE today (no bitchy comments, y'all).

So I let the pups outside for a bit and crawled back into bed, feverishly hot and unhappy about life in general. A lazy day seemed to help, at least emotionally...and no doubt the extra rest didn't hurt matters. I finally stumbled through the shower and managed to shave without slitting my throat, which I see as a plus. Then I had to run to work. Not to do anything workish, mind you, but to send out the car payment (the payment coupons are in the office). Then I went to The Evil Empire and bought drugs. Lots of drugs. Happy drugs. Happy drugs that make my throat numb. The chair will now entertain a "woohoo." *waits a moment for you to woohoo* Thanks. :)

Having been in the house all day, I felt the need to get OUT and do something. See someone. So coffee seemed happy, as warm beverages are supposedly soothing. Of course, none of you bitches were around, but I shall forgive you. ;) I read the Branding Iron today, and realized that it is, indeed, the time of year for someone to call for the impeachment of the ASUW President. My how the semester has flown by, eh? I ordered a LARGE raspberry chai, which was delish btw, so I had to peruse the pages of US News & World Report. I'd forgotten exactly how dull and boring our government is these days. What a bunch of whiny, snivelling toads. Harumpf.

But I shall ignore them, for it is a beautiful day outside today. Despite being sick, I am enjoying that immensely. Today's learned lesson: I know how I got sick. Despite someone's comment, I do not LOVE it. I loved getting sick, not being sick. And now I know WHY I got sick. It was a gentle reminder that I am not invincible. I've been feeling very good about things lately, and like I can take on everything. This is the universe's way of reminding me that while I can take on anything, I cannot take on everything. (I hate it when the NerdyGirl is right.) So some decisions have been made. I will be making some changes in a few months, in terms of my participation with different organizations. While it pains me, it's necessary to seek balance. (OK Universe...I've learned my lesson. Can I NOT be sick now?)

Thus endeth our illness induced ramblings for today. After my AIDS Walk dinner meeting, it's back home to my red root tincture and sea salt gargles, in the hopes my voice and health hold out long enough to make it to/from Idaho this weekend.

Oh...and all praise the birth of the White Man's NerdyGirl. We love ya babe. And there's presents!