Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Nap Time is Over

So I didn't make it into the hot tub last night. *sigh* I did, however have a nice quite evening at home and got to bed at a reasonable hour. I watched some of my favorite TV shows while working on an arts and crafts project. I just pulled up on the floor and went to work, puppies racing and chasing around me all the while. "And it was good." I only checked my email once last night, which as my friends can attest, is a testament to will power and an aversion to the office. I feel much more rested and coherent today. Not scattered like yesterday.

Tonight is reserved for another night at home, this time packing. Tomorrow it's off to Denver for Drag Queen Bingo. A group of us are promoting Wyo Aids Walk there, and I'm looking forward to it. These are the same queens who come up to Laramie for Bingo at WAW, and they are a scream! They've reserved a table for 13 for us...right down front and center. We know we're going to be targets for their humor, but that's all just part of the fun. We're staying at my friend Joe's apartment (if I can ever get in touch with him to get the key), so it'll be a nice cheap weekend. Woohoo! Then we're coming back up north to judge a national qualifying speech tournament Friday and Saturday.

I'm also reminded that this is a powerful time for new beginnings, as the Equinox is this weekend. I'm very excited about it, and hope there is FABOO weather so that I might enjoy it outside. I know my life is once again on the edge of a fresh start. A new challenge. The next step, if you will. I've been building up energy for a while, and it's time to put that to use now. As the weather improves (slowly but surely) I'm spending more time outside, which is happy for so many reasons. It means more activity, which will hopefully let me shed my "winter body." It also means more time in nature, which is only helping to waken my senses and reconnect me with the powers that be. I'm feeling life start to waken from its snow-induced nap, and know I'm about to do the same. I'm itching to ride my bike, get some roller skates, and hit the greenbelt on a regular basis. Woohoo!