Thursday, August 05, 2004

Being dilated has advantages

See, I knew that tag line would get your attention (and frighten you all). But I'm really just talking about my pupils. I went to the eye doctor yesterday morning. My prescription has not changed significantly, which is good news. The official terms are hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (unequal curvature of the eye). A few years ago I volunteered as a guinea pig for a contact lens study, and LOVED them. Well, they're out on the market now for people with my precriptions/conditions, so I'm taking another stab at contacts. They seem to be working well so far this morning.

The doctor also decided to dilate my pupils yesterday. This means I could not see the computer screen as anything but a raging blur. This means I could not work. Woohoo! So I took my blurry self on up to Rendezvous early, dragging my friend Margaret along too. We rode four wheelers with Dave and Jennifer, and I want one now. We had SO much fun. And one or two cocktails. ;) My friends Chris and Andrew came up from Denver, which was a very pleasant surprise. I haven't seen them since AIDS Walk in April. They are representing the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which sponsored a movie...which is the meat of today's post, and what the previous rambling has been setting up. A film review!

It's called "Latter Days," and is a love story about a gay boy named Christian in LA. He's HOT. And his love interest turns out to be...a Mormon missionary. As you can imagine, there is a fair amount of turmoil involved, including excommunication, family reaction/rejection, suicide, and reparative therapy. Overall, it's FABULOUS! There are several punchlines, and most of them aren't "insider gay jokes." Fun for the whole family! There are very pretty boys, though it's not really an eye candy movie. There is hot gay sex, though it's not softcore porn. The plot really is the purpose and driving force of the film. And there are hidden stars throughout. "Dr. Maluchi" from ER, "Tommy" from Third Rock From the Sun, "Tara" from's faboo. And made me cry at the end. Er...maybe it was just an allergy attack from being in the mountains. was me. Crying. But I can't tell you why. It'd ruin the movie. This is one I'll buy the day it comes out on DVD.

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