Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Things to do before I die

As most of you know, gay men die at 30. Since that's now 53 weeks away, I thought I'd share my current list. It's kinda like NerdyGirl's list of 50 dreams, only more condensed. Rest assured, there is a larger list of smaller things, but these are the current biggies on my list:

1. Take a trip to Hawaii.
2. Take a cruise somewhere.
3. Visit Canada (maybe it IS a real country anyway).
4. Go to the Olympics.
5. See more of Germany.
6. Pay off my mortgage.
7. Live happily ever after with the man of my dreams.
8. Find the man of my dreams (the list is in no particular order).
9. Visit every state in the US (only 12 to go).
10. Become sveldt (okay it's a realistic list, so....become closer to sveldt?)
11. Go to Australia.
12. See Greece.
13. See Italy.

That seems like a good number. ;) The best part is that as you accomplish things from your list, you get to add new ones. Examples: I've already seen Phantom of the Opera (on Broadway, no less), bought a house, bought a brand new car for the first time, and travelled someplace that requires a passport. Not bad, eh?

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