Monday, August 09, 2004

It's Sarong It's S'aright

So I went to Rendezvous. I drove up and down the hill (a mountain to non-westerners, but a hill to us since we only climb 1700 feet from our normal 7200 ft) Wednesday and Thursday nights. On Thursday I also managed to see the doctor about a pain in my side, present since Sunday or Monday. As expected, she sent me to the hospital for a series of x rays. The only thing that made it tolerable was a cute, friendly, and male x ray tech with an impossible-to-place accent. Yum. Nothing is broken, ruptured, or torn, so it's a muscle strain, pull, or other obnoxious injury. I have no idea how it happened, but it hurts. A LOT. When I cough, I wince. When I sneeze, I damned near pass out from the pain. Was I going to let that stop me from a weekend of cavorting in the wilderness with 400 homos (and a handful of faboo straight allies)? NOT LIKELY!

The highlights of the weekend: A SEXY cowboy type from Austin, TX cut in while I was dancing with Rachelle. He made me follow (poorly), but there was definite flirting, despite the existence of a boyfriend. (No...nothing happened.) Our group won the award for "Campiest Campground" for our site, Margaritaville. We were definitely the crowd favorites; the huge bar right by the roadside helped a little. I wore sarongs almost the whole week; I own 3 now, thanks to the influence of the Rev, aka the Dark Overlord of Freeballing (cuz yes...I did. Who wants panty lines?). I did body shots off the chests and nipples of 2 guys (sorry to those I already told about this, I forgot the second one!), one is 18 and one is a music teacher in town. *waggles eyebrows* Saw 3 naked men, a wet underwear contest, and a best hiney contest. I was Snow White in the play at closing ceremonies. We created several new drinks with SERIOUS alcohol content. I drove 4 wheelers, and want one so very, very much. Rachelle took 3rd in the Wet T shirt contest. No sex for me, but still a good weekend.

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